Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Before and After: Stool turned side table

Hello everyone, this post is waaay over due! This stool has just been sitting in my garage with the vinyl just sitting on top waiting to be put on. When I finished it today I wanted to kick myself in the butt for not doing it sooner. Literally it took maybe two minutes... Yeah I'm lazy :)

So this stool I bought at a yard sale for a whopping one dollar :) I looooove to get furniture on the cheap. Sometimes I feel bad for the people I buy this stuff from thinking.."You have no clue how cute this is going to turn out!" haha, aside from being lazy I'm also kind of a weirdo!

This is the only picture I think I have of this but really this one is probably plenty.. I know, I know, people are really into the mustard but in person it just looked wrong. Plus i'm not big on furniture being trendy colors. I like neutral things with pops of color in my smaller decor pieces.. But in the future I would like to paint some pieces mint or mustard... maybe only for clients though I don't know how I would feel about it in my house.

On to the tutorial I painted this stool botany beige by sherwin williams. The same color I painted my headboard turned chalkboard sign. I did two coats of paint didn't even sand it, waitied till dry (over a week or so lol that's about how I do it around here) added vinyl and sprayed with a poly seal.
*All of my vinyl is from my friend Shawnda at

Sorry my bedroom is a little boring right now. I'm wanting to do the big engineer prints on my wall soon but just don't really have any idea how to do them. I'm just not skilled in that area yet! Can someone just come to my house and do them for me?! I will paint furniture for trade ;)

Thanks for stopping by, come back soon. 
 P.S. Make sure to leave a comment, maybe post a link to a good tutorial on how to do an engineer print :)

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