Monday, August 5, 2013

Before and after: Numbered bar stools

It's Monday!! :) Today's post is my adorable numbered bar stools!
Before I get into the tutorial let me just warn you... If you make these, every man in your life will ask you why in the world you have numbers on your stools!!

      Without fail, every single man that has came into my house has asked me why there are numbers on the stools. Not kidding, EVERY single one! By about the third person I've just been giving an exasperated remark "It's just a style!" 

     Okay on with the pictures!


First things first, sanding. My not so favorite part of re- painting furniture

I spray painted the bottom with krylon's ivory,
about 3 coats

                                                            This is with one coat of stain

Here is the finished look!! I added 3 inch vinyl decals and then sealed it with a poly spray.
 *All vinyl is from my friend Shawnda at 

Thanks for checking out my blog :)

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